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National Recognition for your Retrofit Project

Retrofit Awards Photography : AJ Retrofit Awards 2017 These awards are for architects, construction clients, building contractors, property managers, developers, building proprietors and suppliers, seeking recognition for retrofit works. Architects Journal estimates...

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Equipment and Techniques

Equipment and Techniques Equipment and techniques are much discussed issues in photographic forums. In this post I describe the techniques I use to get the most out of my equipment on architectural photography commissions. Having the best equipment doesn't make anyone...

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Vertical Perspective in Architectural Photography

Vertical Perspective in Architectural Photography — Causes and Solutions Control of vertical perspective in architectural photography is in essence making the sides of buildings appear vertical. This will closely align your photographs to how your eyes see buildings....

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Perspective and the Lens

Creating Stunning Architectural Photographs One challenge facing architectural photographers creating stunning architectural photographs is how the human visual system views architecture. They say the camera never lies but it’s quite well known it doesn’t see the...

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Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day So why try to Photograph it in a day? With architectural and indeed any form of commercial photography being such a critical business decision, I'm often surprised how many prospects simply request a day rate without any notion of what is to...

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Getting the Best out of an Architectural Photoshoot

Getting the Best out of an Architectural Photoshoot - Enquiry to Completion As an architectural photographer I get a variety of enquires ranging from detailed to vague. In this post I provide anecdotes and advice how to make the process from enquiry to shoot and using...

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Photoshoot Planning for RIBA Architectural Awards

Photoshoot Planning for RIBA Architectural Awards Photoshoot Planning for RIBA Architectural Awards. There are deadlines for almost everything, one deadline architectural practices face annually is the submission period for RIBA awards, which is generally from...

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Honouring the Creators of the Built Environment

Honouring the Creators of the Built EnvironmentHonouring the Creators of the Built Environment is what Stuart Brown Photographic does best. Through my stunning architectural photographs I seek to honour those who have either: designed, constructed or commissioned the...

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Freedom of Panorama Response

Freedom of Panorama Response I don't normally post my social media conversations here but as I've had such a nice Freedom of Panorama Response from the originator of last years petition to the European Commission on Twitter, I've decided to make an exception....

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Freedom of Panorama & Architectural Photography

Freedom of Panorama - Background I was one of 555,223 people who signed a petition last year to stop the EU abolishing the Freedom of Panorama (FoP). MEPs voted overwhelmingly to block legislation restricting FoP, the EU is currently undertaking a...

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