This is a post I’ve been wanting to share for some time. One of my clients had a successful evening yesterday, winning best non-residential project at the ProCon Leicestershire annual awards. I’ve seen this project in it’s best light at four on a July morning and can vouch for it’s worthiness. Congratulations to my client, the designer and DeMontfort University client of this city landscaping scheme. Having seen the work in it’s best light I’m very pleased for and congratulate my client Danaher and Walsh, and am confident the success is well deserved.

It was a privilege working on this project, I’d like to thank my client for entrusting me with the photography. I’ve posted a set of images on this project through a link on my home page under city landscaping. Naturally I wish my client every success and many more successful award submissions. I’m confident their efforts in convincing the award judges their project was most deserving will support their marketing efforts.