Reason No. 2 Professional Images improve your online portfolios and make you look more professional during the face-to-face sales process.

Welcome to the second article in my series on why architects need to hire architectural photographers. It goes without saying great images can give you a great image. Having established, professional architectural photographers create better images, it’s no surprise this is the way to procure images.

Professional Image framed for the boardroom wall

Framed professional images can make ice breaking conversation pieces in the boardroom.

As an architect, you’re at the top of the selling pyramid, you’re selling the most expensive thing anyone will usually ever buy. Client’s usually want reassurance with every purchase, they’ve made a good choice. Even when buying something as inexpensive as shoelaces, you want to be sure the laces match your shoes. You’ve therefore got to expect someone buying a new building to seek assurance, your design will be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Someone making a multi million pound investment, will naturally expect to be treated as the most important person in your world. After all you are making relatively few high value sales, you’re not able to churn out architecture at the rate a car manufacturer churns out automobiles. Yet there are more architects competing for projects than there are car manufacturers. Look at the investment car manufacturers typically put into marketing their products and you can see what you need to sell yours.

Online portfolios and face-to-face presentations keep your architectural practice alive

Professional Images - Anti-Ligature Door Handle to demonstrate your professional knowledge and experience.

Professional Images – Anti ligature door ironmongery to demonstrate your professional knowledge of your client’s needs.

Your prospect will value you more if you can present an aesthetically impressive portfolio of past projects. Especially with new prospects, an impressive portfolio on your website can influence whether or not you get their enquiry.

The face-to-face sales meeting is a further opportunity to impress and sway the prospect to your practice. A framed print hanging on your boardroom wall can provide a great conversation piece and ice breaker. A printed portfolio, or a proposal with images of you past projects will also support your professional image.

I’ve been commissioned to photograph special door handles to create what my client calls a “Blue Peter Moment”. The next proposal for a project requiring these door handles, will show the prospect one we prepared earlier. An interior and a close-up photograph of the door handle will show the prospect how my client understands his needs.. This will look far more professional and impressive than an extract from a door ironmongery catalogue and reassure the prospect of a functional design.


Client’s investing millions in architecture need assurance, you’re the right partner for their needs. Your architecture is something both they and their visitors need to find aesthetically impressive and functional. Professional images not only convey this in both online portfolios and face-to-face sales meetings and presentations. They also contribute to the client’s decision whether to hire you or your competitor.