City Landscaping

City Landscaping Project - Planting in Flower Bed

City Landscaping Project at Mill Lane, Leicester

De Mountfort University, Leicester’s new Vijay Patel building replaces a set of outdated buildings. The final project phase was the conversion of Mill Lane to a pedestrian zone with city landscaping. Hard and soft city landscaping from the edge of the lawn to the facade of the brick building opposite and extending further down the newly pedestrianised street was completed by my client Danaher and Walsh in the winter of 2016-17. An initial shoot in February 2017 provided imagery for a new brochure timed to coincide with a new business development manager joining my client’s company. The summer reshoot captured planting and illumination at it’s best. Most of the year sunrise is behind the red brick building putting the project in the shade all morning.

The shot of the granite book-end with illuminated text and the first light of morning shining from behind is from 4 AM. Because of the many unique lighting features, twilight images showing the effect of the lighting were important. Most images are from a low angle to hide temporary fencing placed around the lawn. Because Danaher and Walsh are a civil engineering contractor¬†It’s important to show how they’ve integrated the drainage aesthetically. Hence drain covers and gullies feature in some of the images.

Awards Submission

The project itself has been entered in and at the time of writing made a finalist in the Procon Leicestershire construction awards. The competition judges asses the work of the creators of the project, a great set of photographs enables them to view the project at it’s best and can make the difference between winning and running up. Please also see my testimonial for this project.

Update – This project has now won the non-residential project award, congratulations to all involved. This award is well deserved as the works provide a fantastic open air space for the people of Leicester. It will also benefit my client’s marketing efforts.

City Landscaping Project - Bench, bicycle racks and planting at sunrise

Bench, bicycle racks and planting at sunrise

City Landscaping Project - Planting in Flower Bed

Planting in Flower Bed

City Landscaping Project - Lighting at Sunrise

Lighting at Sunrise, I can still remember how that music used to make me smile

City Landscaping Project - Long shadows at sunset

Long shadows at sunset

City Landscaping Project - Low level lighting

Low level lighting – catwalk style

City Landscaping Project - Planting and decorative trash can

Planting and decorative City of Leicester Trash Can


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August 31, 2017