Commercial Building

Architectural Photography - Commercial Building

Commercial Building with Ground-floor Workshop Units and Offices on the Upper Floor

Commercial Development

Exterior view of newly completed commercial building on an industrial estate in Haywards Heath

Commercial Building Lobby

Entrance Lobby and Refectory Area

Commercial Building Reception

Reception Desk

These photographs were initially commissioned by the building contractor and through a licensing agreement subsequently shared with building owner, architect and structural engineer. This building is operated as a managed business centre by a company who lease space to small businesses.

The project was shot over two days due to heavy rain on the first day. The interior shots were co-ordinated with other activities in the building. Heavy rain forced a second visit for the exterior shots. On the day of the exterior shots, southern England, except the building location enjoyed a bright start to the day. Exterior shots were therefore made with the sun higher in the sky than desired and behind a tree which cast shadow onto the building. A light cloud softened the tree shadow long enough just long enough to create the shot from the corner of the building.

Strong horizontal lines in the cladding produce draw the eye along both elevations of the building. The stonework below glows brightly in the morning sun making the building stand out from the growing clouds above. Inside the visitor is greeted by a reception space and a refectory area bathed in sunlight through full height glazing. The white and green of the reception give way to an all white interior through a corridor that draws visitors into the building.



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February 21, 2017