Construction Photography

Tower cranes at twilight

Construction Photography

This construction photography project is a commission from a contractor to show mainly work in progress on a number of sites. With a background in construction, I’ve an intimate knowledge of construction processes and what to avoid including in site photographs. I’m thus more qualified to shoot on site than most photographers. Because safety has the highest priority on site, all protocols are followed and my own personal protective equipment worn. My risk assessment highlights how I avoid creating hazard for myself and others. The single battery powered flash head used, creates no tripping or electrical safety hazards. Being free of cables allows me to minimise disruption by working quickly and with good light to ensure quality images.

The project brief is to shoot a variety of works and tradesmen doing as many tasks as are on site. Each is visited several times, in order to capture as many trades as possible. To date the project has iincluded piling works, reinforced concrete structure, steels structures, dry winning and mechanical and electrical works. I look forward to shooting many more trades over the coming months.

Deliverable Benefits

Since this is a new and long term project for my client’s marketing team, my brief has been kept flexible. The flexible brief allows the freedom to look at the sites and shoot anything I consider relevant and interesting in addition to specific requirements. Thus my client will get an image bank which they can draw from as when needed. By using my experience and eyes, the client’s marketing team can focus on their work confident I will deliver valuable imagery. Hence the client’s marketing team are freed from working the site offices to develop shoot lists for each site visit.

At project conclusion, the client will have imagery of many trades and their site organisation that demonstrate their professionalism. Other conceivable benefits would be to use the imagery in brochures promoting construction apprenticeships and in site safety and procedural documentation.

Construction Photography - Piling Works - Paradise Street

Piling rig flight auger.

Construction Photography - Hoarding and general view - Godiva Place

Site hoarding with signage and overall progress

Construction Photography - Site Organisation - Paradise Street

Site footpath and safety demarcation.

Construction Photography - Reinforced Concrete Works - Cranwell

View over the reinforced concrete construction works.

Construction Photography - Concrete Pour - Godiva Place

Pouring a concrete slab with a concrete pump.

Construction Photography - Cladding Installation - Godiva Place

Cladding installation, two scissor lifts working in tandem

Construction Photography - Dry Lining Installation - Godiva Place

Dry Lining Installation

Construction Photography - Electrical - Godiva Place

Electrician installing flexible conduit

Construction Photography - Ceiling Installation - Godiva Place

Ceiling installation in a student accommodation block.

Construction Photography - Cladding Installation - Godiva Place

Cladding installers working off mast climbers

Construction Photography - Site Organisation - Cranwell

Construction site fire point.

Construction Site Photography - Roof Gulley

Roof gulley installed on waterproof membrane to strain debris from rainwater entering rainwater drainage system.

Installing the top rail of a partition wall

Installing the upper member of a portion wall in a student accommodation building.

Concrete being poured in parapet wall

Concrete being poured by pump in roof top parapet wall.

Tower cranes at twilight

Tower cranes serving a construction site at twilight.

Construction Site Photography - Centrifuge Rotunda

Reinforced concrete rotunda and steel roof trusses over a centrifuge hall.

Construction Site Photography - Reinforced Concrete Core and Sliding Formwork

View looking up a partially complete reinforced concrete core to the underside of the sliding formwork used to construct it.

Timber cladding installation

Timber cladding installation to a roof top plant room.

Steel frame erection

Workers using crane and boom lift to erect a steel framed building structure.


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September 1, 2017