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Ever asked, why anyone uses your product or service? I do to find new market opportunities, this time I found an answer in the architectural community. EntreArchictect, an organisation run by architects supporting architectural enterprises, list 15 reasons why architects should hire architectural photographers:

The full list is on a podcast published 22 October 2015 and can be found in text form on their contributor’s site. Over the next few weeks, I’ll publish my own thoughts on each reason in my blog.

Reason No. 1, we are better than you at making images.

If we’re not better than our clients’ at making images, there would be no point hiring us. Unsurprisingly not only do we have more and better equipment than our clients, we also know how, when and where to use it for best effect.

Photography is literally, drawing with light, the camera is our pencil. The best light produces the best drawing and is usually found around sunrise and sunset. Which at the UK’s latitude is punitively early and late in the summer and much more comfortable in the winter. Since we’re not doing a design job, attending client and staff meetings Etc., we’re able to use the best light. Experience enables us to predict when the best light will occur at any part of a building and how various building materials react to light.

Much like portrait photographers know how to pose a client to make him or her look their best, we know how to find the best angles and light to photograph architecture. Because trees and other buildings get in the way of reproducing your CGIs, we’ve developed the skill of observing architecture and finding the vantage points that give the best views and composition.

We check the weather forecast and plan our site visits when the weather’s most likely to work with us. We’ve freedom to stay in the office editing images when the weather’s against us and shoot when it’s good.

If you were to try and produce the images you expect from us, you’d not only have to invest in skill and equipment. You’d have to take valuable time away from doing what you do best and provides your livelihood, designing buildings.


We have the equipment, skill, knowledge and ability to be at the right place when the light’s at it’s best. Because we don’t have your day job we’re not distracted by it’s demands and can focus on creating great images. The greatest reward is when our photographs honour your achievements and bring you success.

Architectural photography is a well considered and time consuming process, much the opposite of press photography. The architectural photograph may be used for decades but the press photograph finds itself in the dustbin tomorrow morning when you get a new newspaper.

Why Hire an Architectural Photographer?

Selection of Images from various commissioned Architectural Photoshoots by Stuart Brown Architectural Photographer




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