Historical Interiors at Kirklees Hall

I was fortunate to be granted rare access to Carr House a 17th century addition to the 16th century Kirklees Hall. Permission was granted to shoot architectural and historical interiors only. All four shots are from the large format camera using colour and black and white film. The name Carr House comes from the architect John Carr who extended and renovated the Hall in the 17th century.

Kirklees Hall currently comprises a number of private luxury homes and is located near Brighouse in West Yorkshire. The main living room is clearly the star of the house with it’s ornate ceiling. This room is located at the end of the house from which the sun shone during my visit, there is no lighting under the ceiling. The main staircase. The main staircase leading to the living room which is on the first floor, finds itself in a remarkably confined space for such a large and impressive house. The vaulted bathroom is located between the living room and a bedroom.

The kitchen is on the ground floor and attached to a servants dining room with six seater table.