Residential Building

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Residential Building – High End Luxury Flats in London’s West End

Residential Building: Master Bedroom, Dressing Room, Ensuite Bathroom in London Penthouse Apartment

View inside a residential building, from master bedroom through dressing room into en-suite bathroom

Residential Building: Roof Terrace View, London Penthouse Apartment

Roof terrace with a view of central London

Residential Building: Luxury Penthouse Kitchen

Luxury penthouse kitchen

Residential Building: Marble en-suite bathroom

Luxury penthouse en-suite bathroom with marble walls

Residential Building: Walk Through Wardrobe and EnSuite in London Apartment

Walk Through Wardrobe and EnSuite in London Apartment

Residential Building: Lounge in London Apartment

Lounge in London Apartment

Residential Building: Study in London Apartment

Study in London Apartment

These photographs commissioned by a building contractor show an existing building in London’s theatre land converted into luxury apartments. The price tag of each unit is up to £8 million. A show apartment on one of the middle floors and the penthouse apartment have been photographed.

The contractor was very proud of the white marble in the main en-suite bathroom of the penthouse, thankfully the shot took place on a sunny October afternoon as there was no power to operate lighting in the penthouse. The commission was to produce interior shots only, whisky in the decanter is actually apple juice.


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February 21, 2017